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Below you will find pictures of the dogs that we are currently working with to find forever homes.  Please check out the links to their profiles.  We find that Facebook is an invaluable tool for marketing dogs, so if you have a second please share them on your Facebook page and help us find them the great homes they deserve!




Truman is a 4-month old lab/shepherd mix.  He gets along great with other dogs and loves people.  He’s interested in learning new things and going to new places.  Truman is going to be a big boy (60-70 pounds), and he has the adorable huge puppy paws to prove it!  He knows “sit” and is currently in puppy kindergarten.  Truman would make a great addition to any family and is available for adoption through Friends For Life!



Jake is a 1-2 year old male Labrador Retriever Mix currently under the foster care of a co-worker.  This poor baby was left behind after his owner moved away.  He is young, full of energy, and is dog, cat and people friendly.  His foster mom tells us that he LOVES his nightly walks, so we recommend a household that will be able to continue this and give him a good amount of exercise.  He used to be an outside dog so he is in the process of house training, but it’s going marvelously.  He is leash trained, crate trained, and knows “Sit!”  Jake is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, and is getting treated for heartworms. He will be available for adoption through Pup Squad Animal Rescue after his treatment is complete.


Blake – ADOPTED 12/10/2012

Blake is a very special addition to the Heads or Tails family.  He’s had a rough life as you can see, but he just landed himself in the lap of luxury.  Despite his recent surgery, he is super playful and loves to have fun!  Blake is probably a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix, so he should grow to around 50 pounds.  He is doing AMAZING on his potty training, knows how to sit, shake and is very food motivated. He quiets down in a crate quickly, especially if you give him a Kong toy filled with peanut butter. He will be available for adoption in mid December through All Border Collie Rescue! Fill out your application fast! He already has interest.


Rachel and Rudy- ADOPTED 11/17/12! (Rachel still available)

These little babies were found along at 2-weeks old with their 6 other siblings in a Houston field still nursing on their momma who had been shot and killed.  After being hand-raised by some awesome friends, they are now ready to be adopted!  They seem to be Australian Shepherd mixes and are available through Pup Squad Animal Rescue.

Rachel and Rudy at 2-weeks old.


Oreo and Dax- ADOPTED 11/13/12 and 11/17/12!

Oreo and Dax, along with another sister and brother, were being raised by their mom out in the country south of town.  A very nice couple found them by the side of the road and brought them in so they wouldn’t get hit by passing cars.  Oreo and Dax are approximately 9 weeks old and are ready for their forever homes!  Oreo is a bit smaller and the runt of the litter, but that doesn’t stop him from having a big personality!  He likes to be the center of attention and can be too rough with his brother.  Oreo will do well either as an only dog or in a home with an adult dog that can show this pup the ropes.  Dax likes to cuddle and needs a home that can help him build up his confidence.  Both of these cuties are available through Pup Squad Animal Rescue!

Oreo (left) and Dax (right)


Ginger- ADOPTED 11/11/12!

Ginger is a 10 month old Border Collie Mix possibly with a Sheltie. We are unsure of her breed mixture, but what we do know is that she is sweet as can be. She loves to play! She’s a quick learner with a relatively strong herding drive. She has interest in cats, but I believe she could live with a calm cat with the right training. She’s 90% potty trained, leash trained, crate trained and working on obedience. She is available for adoption through All Border Collie Rescue.


Rock- ADOPTED 10/28/12!

Rock is a male American Bulldog Mix currently being fostered by one of our friends in the Richmond area.  He is available for adoption through Buster’s Friends.  He is undeniably sweet and loves all people.  He’s currently learning basic training with his foster family.  He is neutered, heart worm negative, up to date on his vaccinations and ready for his forever home.  Did I mention he’s house trained and crate trained?  We just know the perfect family is waiting for him.  He has great life ahead of him!  Read his profile here.


Swiss- ADOPTED 10/27/12!

Swiss and her sister Brie (adopted!) were born on the Houston streets to a beautiful Brittany Spaniel and at just one week old found themselves at the city shelter with their mom and five litter mates.  Luckily, they were saved by Pup Squad Animal Rescue.  Swiss is the only one left looking for her forever home!  She loves to play with dogs of all sizes but she is also independent and likes her quiet time.  And she loves to be held!  She is potty-trained and crate-trained.  Swiss is currently in boarding and is looking for either a foster home or a forever home!  Check out Swiss’ profile here.


Uno- ADOPTED 10/20/2012!

Uno was found on the street when he bounded out of a bush and ran up to me with his little tail just wagging away.  He had been spotted multiple times that week dodging traffic.  He looks like a boxer/pit mix and is roughly 10 weeks old.  He is a happy little guy that loves to play and cuddle.  He’s doing well with potty training and crate training.  He’s in a foster home but is looking for his forever home!  Uno is available for adoption through Pup Squad Animal Rescue.


Lily and Jack – ADOPTED 9/29/12!

This adorable brother/sister pair was just picked up, so we’ll add more as we learn about them.  But what we do know is that they LOVE to cuddle!!!  Both are little lovebugs and are ready to be loved by you.  The little girl was hit by a car, so her foster family is getting her an x-ray to find out if she needs surgery on her leg.  They are available for adoption and will be with a rescue group soon!


Brandy – Adopted 9/24/12!

We only had Brandy for one week so she didn’t make it on here until after that happened. She went to a loving family in Louisiana. She was a super sweet 16 week old female Border Collie (purebred).


Brie – ADOPTED 9/22/12!
Brie and Swiss were born on the Houston streets to a beautiful Brittany Spaniel and at just one week old found themselves at the city shelter with their mom and five litter mates.  Luckily, they were saved by Pup Squad Animal Rescue!  Brie is a little firecracker and can hold her own with dogs three times her size.  She also loves to be held!  She is paper trained and crate trained.  Check out Brie’s profile here!


Bentley – ADOPTED 9/14/12!

Bentley is a male  border collie, presumably purebred, currently under my (Liz) foster care. He is just a little guy – 4 months old. He enjoys chasing the big dogs, biting anything in his path and frequent cuddles and naps. Hes doing marvelous on potty training and crate training. I should probably mention that he’s a genius. He learned sit with only TWO repetitions. We believe that he was previously in some sort of accident. He seems to have had a broken paw, which doesn’t slow him down a bit. In addition, he has limited muscle use of his tail and one ear. Don’t feel too sorry for him. He is living it up and is as normal as any other puppy. He is heart worm negative and up to date on his vaccinations. He is currently a little too small to be neutered, but that will come when the time is right. Bentley will be available for adoption shortly through All Border Collie Rescue.

Do you love his “Foster Puppy” tag?
He’s a Rolly Polly

Edie – ADOPTED 8/25/12!

Edelweiss, or Edie for short, was one of the many malnourished dogs on the Houston streets.  Luckily, she was rescued and nursed back to health.  Shortly after, she was adopted into a wonderful home where she had an awesome mom, a little boy, and other dogs to play with.  Unfortunately, though, one of the other dogs never accepted Edie and began attacking her.  The situation turned dangerous for Edie, and she had to go back to the rescue.  She is fully trained, great with other dogs and children!  Edie is available for adoption through Treat ‘Em Right Rescue.  See her profile here!



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