Ok, so this isn’t so much of a training tip as it is as failed attempt at a training tip.

Theory: Walking is good exercise for doggies and people. Running is good exercise for doggies and people. Biking is good exercise for doggies and people.

Conclusion: WRONG!

Where to begin? It’s the new year and I vowed to myself to spend more time exercising myself and my beloved border collies. So aside from lots more walks and leash training, I thought biking might be a good idea, since I truly despise running. So after much consideration, I went to my front office and rented a bike to take out on the bayou with my favorite girly, Kinsey.

When I got out there I quickly realized that biking with a dog on leash is not a good idea and its NOT safe. She had no speed control and was way to visually stimulated to pay attention to where the bike was and where we were headed. She actually pulled me off the bike to chase a dog into a bayou. In addition, she also almost tripped a pedestrian, she went behind him. Thank goodness I had the common sense to leg go.

So my training tip for today is as follows: Don’t take your dog on a bike ride on leash on a busy path where there are lots of distractions. I think it would be a really fun experience if you had a place to bike where your dog could be off leash. Unfortunately, there aren’t any places that I know of in Houston.

Until Next Time!