Believe it or not our blog has been getting a decent amount of exposure and many a few people have started asking us for training tips. So we’ve decided to attempt to make a training post each Tuesday. However, I’ll start with a tip today.

A friend of mine is puppy sitting (and hopefully adopting) one of Pup Squad’s puppies, Rachel (who can be found on our Current Foster Projects page). She is a TRUE newbie to having a puppy and needed some advice on potty training. So I gave her the following summary on beginning potty training:

Potty training and crate training go hand in hand. (We will discuss crate training later) Pick your puppy up the second you open the crate door. DO NOT let her walk, she WILL pee! Carry her outside and put her on the grass and tell her “go pee-pee” repeatedly until she does her business. Do this everytime so she learns to associate the command with going potty. When she does so praise her PROFUSELY: “good pee-pee, good dog!” Give her lots of attention and pets. Once she has pottied, she should be free to run around the house (with supervision) and play with toys or just explore for approximately 30-45 minutes (WITH SUPERVISION). Did I mention with supervision? I recommend sticking to 30 minutes at the very beginning and gradually increasing the length of time between potty breaks. Don’t be afraid of an accident or two. She’s a puppy. It WILL happen. Accept it now, to avoid frustration later. It’s all part of the learning process, but keeping to a strict schedule will greatly minimize accidents.