Most of us in the rescue world wonder why in the world people would go to a breeder to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a dog. Especially when there are a PLETHORA of perfectly wonderful dogs in shelters and rescues groups that are just as good, if not better, and won’t cost you an arm an a leg. Now of course there are some reasons why you would do this. Perhaps you are going to show the dog, or work it for a specific task that it was bred to do. Those I understand. But if you are just looking for an everyday pet, I just can’t understand it. There is some prestige attached to having a dog that is AKC registered and can have its lineage traced. But lets be real, all “pure” bred dogs originated from mix breeding other dogs to select certain desirable traits. “Some people think that when they purchase a purebred, they’re purchasing a guarantee of health and temperament, too. This is simply not true. In fact, the only thing the “papers” from purebred dog and cat registry organizations certify is that the recording registry maintains information regarding the reported lineage and identity of the animal.” <source>

The truth is many purebred dogs are prone to specific diseases from hundreds of years of inbreeding. Personality and temperament is no more hereditary in dogs that it is in people (nature vs. nuture). My main point is that a mixed breed dog is just as good as a pure bred dog. “They’re easily available and unfortunately, in plentiful supply.  A visit to your local humane society will provide an overwhelming selection of the products of random breeding.  (It’s estimated that 70-80 percent of shelter populations are mixed breeds.)” <source> And you should know that many many rescue groups have pure bred dogs in their programs. Either way, “a trip to the shelter should be a pre-requisite for buying any dog (or cat for that matter) if for no other reason than to see the damage not neutering/ spaying a pet can cause.” <source>

And that my friends, is my extremely unorganized rant about rescuing dogs!

In other news, here is a picture my IMPOSSIBLY cute one eyed foster puppy who is available for adoption though All Border Collie Rescue and yes he is a mix!

Happy Tuesday,