Since it’s Black Friday, our Fun Fact for today is about black dogs!  We have to start, though, with a not-so-fun fact.  Did you know that black dogs in shelters are far less likely to be adopted and are therefore much more likely to be euthanized?  It’s called Black Dog Syndrome.  Black dogs often get overlooked because they don’t stand out.  They don’t photograph as well as more colorful dogs, and in already too-full shelters, if they don’t grab the attention of potential adopters quickly, they will find themselves heading down that long dark hallway often in as little as 72 hours.

But since this is FUN Fact Friday, let’s get to the fun part!  7 of our 12 most recent success stories were black or mostly black dogs!  Brie, Swiss, Brandy, Bentley, Dax, Oreo, and Rachel all could have been caught up in Black Dog Syndrome.  It just goes to show that by getting these “less-adoptable” animals out of the shelter and into foster homes and adoption events,  adopters begin to see just how awesome these dogs are.  And in fact, all three of our Current Foster Projects are black dogs, too!!

Truman, one of our adorable black dogs, is looking for his forever home!

For more information on Black Dog Syndrome, read this great article by animal-lover Benoit Denizet-Lewisne.  He just completed a cross-country trip with his dog, Casey.  We highly recommend that you follow Travels with Casey on Facebook.  It’s also interesting to note that Benoit wrote this article about Black Dog Syndrome early in his trip.  Along the way, he rescued Rezzy, a beautiful black dog.