Last Friday was a very special day for us here at Heads or Tails. We had the opportunity to save 7 dogs! Our story begins in the 5th Ward of Houston. The community had reported that a young, female pit bull mix recently had puppies in their neighborhood. They pleaded with Pup Squad to get her and her babies off the streets and they didn’t disappoint. As soon as a foster was found, they arranged for transport…and that transport came from yours truly here at Heads or Tails.

Friday after work, with Lindsay’s car packed and ready to go, we made our way over to the location where the dog was reported to be. We were a little weary given that the 5th Ward isn’t exactly the nicest neighborhood. Almost as soon as we got off the freeway, we started seeing a number of stray dogs. This area of Houston is known for its strays, a result of unmitigated reproduction and horrendous voluntary dumping, earning it the nickname “The Corridor of Cruelty.” (To learn about some of the amazing groups trying to help on the street in this area, check out Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward and Corridor Rescue) We half-seriously talked about finding room for them all in the car. Needless to say, they pulled at our heart strings. However, we had a mission to accomplish so we stayed the course.

We arrived at the appropriate address to find a darling mamma dog snuggled up with her 6 impossibly adorable 2-week old puppies. As we approached her cautiously, she sprung out of bed and immediately came right over to say hi. What a pleasant surprise to find such a friendly girl. She was so happy to see us and show us her babies! We started by leashing her and taking her to the car where a warm kennel and soft blanket awaited her and her pups. We brought her precious babies to her two at a time until everyone was together.

Sophie taking roll call… 4, 5, and 6. The gang’s all here!

As we were loading everyone up, a kind neighbor who had reported her to Pup Squad came over to greet and thank us. We were touched to hear that little Sophie had brought the whole community together. Not only had they made a very nice bed for her and her puppies, they had also provided her with clean water and food. They had even taken her to the vet to make sure she was healthy and treated her for fleas. Another neighbor came out to say goodbye to Sophie (short for Princess Sophia, they told us) and her pups. It was truly a heartwarming experience. If more people were as kind and generous as these women and didn’t turn a blind eye to the stray dogs in their neighborhood, we could make a huge change!

After taking a few quick pictures of momma and her babies, off we went to their foster home. Once her little ones were tucked into their new, warm bed, Sophie investigated the entire area and gave the room a good sniffing. It was beautiful to sit and watch her get settled.  A quick check on the pups, another lap around the area, back to the pups, then over to give a human a kiss.  Just a puppy herself (our guess is under a year old), she instinctively knew how to be a wonderful mother. And she knew that her babies were now safe. Even in her foster home, after going on a walk with her foster mom, she sprints backs to her puppies.

In about 6 weeks, after the puppies have reached 8-weeks old, they will all be available for adoption.  If you are interested in meeting either mom or one of her pups, contact Pup Squad.  If you would like to help one of the hundreds of other mommy dogs still on the street fighting to keep their pups alive, let us know and we can help you.  Fostering a mom with a litter is simple and extremely rewarding.  Plus, the momma dog does most of the work!  You get to reap all the cute puppy-cudding benefits.

– Liz and Lindsay

Tucking in her puppies at their new foster home.