First off, let me begin by congratulating Lindsay on an AMAZING post last Friday. We had over 350 views! If you didn’t get a chance to read her post detailing different ways of fostering click here.

As many of you know, this past weekend was PetFest in Old Town Spring. The rescues were out in full force. There were all kinds of pet paraphernalia as well as food, games, and competitions. We brought Kinsey and Foster #5, A.K.A. Ginger, to showcase at the All Border Collie Rescue booth. But more importantly (for this post at least) we showed up early to check out Heart of Texas Dock Dogs and boy are we glad we did!

Recall in my “Exercise Your Way to a Better Relationship” post when I discussed things you can do to exercise your furry friends. As I’ve said before, taking up a sport with your doggy is a great way to get her exercise. Furthermore, sports that have rules give your dog a specific job to do which strengthens their focus and improves their training. For some time we have thought Kinsey would be good at a dock jumping given her extreme love (some would call it obsession) for water. We showed up early Saturday, having never done it before, to take the Dog Docks 101 Class.

The rules for Dock Dogs, as I understand them, are fairly simply. There are 3 categories: Big Air (long jump), Extreme Vertical (high jump) and Speed Retrieve. You can also compete in Iron Dog which is all three categories. You have 90 seconds for your dog to perform. You receive two attempts and your best score is recorded. For more information regarding the specifics of each event as well as upcoming competitions visit the Dock Dogs website

Even though this was our first attempt, we thought for sure Kinsey would take to it immediately. Not so! While she dives into my parents pool on regular basis, she is not used to a 2 foot drop off. This spooked her a little, even though she desperately wanted to fetch the ball in the water. After three failed attempts to get her to jump, we decided it was time for a little tough love. On the 4th attempt, Sean gave her a little “help” into the water. (Disclaimer: Dock Dogs highly discourages this behavior and had we been actually competing at the time, we would have been disqualified)

Well good thing he did, because after that Kinsey was a natural. She adores dock diving and for a newbie, she is pretty darn good at it. We competed her in the 9am heat and she did really well. She jumped 13’9″ on her first attempt. Unfortunately we didn’t get to stick around to see how she stacked up against the competition, but either way it was a blast. We’ll be practicing her at Meadow Lake Pet Resort at least once a month to get her ready for her next competition (whenever that may be).

In conclusion, if you haven’t looked into sports for your pet, I highly recommend it. It is a blast for all parties involved, a great way to keep up your socialization, and awesome exercise. Check out Kinsey’s dock diving video here!

Until next time,