Happy Monday to my readers (few as they may be)! While my significant other was away for the weekend partying it up at Austin City Limits, I was at home tending after all three dogs. It wasn’t too bad, but I will definitely be happy to have a second set of hands. However, in dealing with all three dogs by myself, their flaws reared their ugly heads even more so than usual.

Pack napping, while I cleaned the kitchen.

No one is perfect and that goes for our pets too. I’ll start with Maverick. He is an ANGEL inside the apartment: no chewing, no accidents, no barking. He is as happy and well behaved as he could possibly be. Take him outside, and you see a different side to him. Sure he’s well behaved on a leash, but he cannot contain himself with the barking at my neighbors and their dogs. Best I can figure is that its associated with some sort of fear aggression. His behavior is always worse when I have other dogs with me. I really need to buckle down and just take him out by himself every time so I can work with him on consistent basis.

Kinsey, on the other hand, is sweet as can be in ANY situation. She loves all people, and all dogs. She really doesn’t even need to be leashed for potty breaks except, I worry she might try to herd a car. That’s just it: she herds. She’s a border collie so that is to be expect, and she is rarely out of control. Border collies are a visual dogs and rely on their vision more than their ears or nose unlike many other dogs. So you can see it would be easy for her to get overstimulated by fast moving cars, and the like. In addition, she gets way over excited during play and training. These flaws are trivial, but can be pretty frustrating at times.

And then there is Ginger, our current foster. She’s a doll. I love her so much. To be honest, I really only have one singular issue with her. She’s a barker. She barks at every person and every dog. Unlike Maverick who is selective who he barks at, Ginger is on alert 24/7. Since she is a puppy, this can easily be trained out with a little time and consistency. I’ve done a lot of reading on how to train dogs to control their barking. Hopefully I can employ some of the techniques I’ve read about to train both Maverick and Ginger.

Overall, I love all my dogs unconditionally, but they all have room for improvement! I really can’t blame them though, because I feel like I haven’t put in as much work and haven’t been as consistent with training as I should be. I’ll wrap this up, but my new goal is to have Maverick acting right on his walks and potty breaks by Christmas time. No more hit and miss training. Its time to be proactive and get him 100% under control.

I let Ginger sleep in bed with us Saturday night. She was a perfect Angel!

Are there things that you’d like to improve about your dogs or cats? Have you thought about what training needs to take place to get them their? I’d love to hear from you!