Given that my Maverick baby was deathly ill this week, I thought I would share some tips for calming an upset tummy.

  • Replace Fido’s regular food with boiled chicken and rice. This is easy to digest and the rice will “bind him up,” as my vet says. Also, the rice has a lot of water in it, so that’s a great way to keep your baby hydrated if he’s not interested in water.
  • A few of my Facebook friends told me things like squash and pumpkin puree are easy on the tummy. Thanks guys! I didn’t know that 🙂
  • Look into adding vitamin supplements to his food if he’s loosing a lot of fluids. I’ve been told you can give your dog Pedialyte to replace lost electrolytes.
  • Lastly, plain yogurt can help aid in digestion. A spoonful will do. Too much dairy can make a problem worse.

Stay tuned for Halloween inspired post by Lindsay, coming soon!

– Liz