Every October, my husband and I plan out our coordinated costumes for our annual Halloween party.  Much thought and planning goes into our outfits.  Our friends with children plan out their kids’ costumes, too.  Some of my favorites are when the entire family has a theme.  One year my sister was Cruella de Vil, her husband was Jasper, and their kids were all dalmations.  Adorable!  So, as dog lovers, the question becomes if we should include our beloved pets in this tradition as well?

After an incredibly informal poll on Facebook yesterday, the votes seem to be split.  Some think it’s cute to see little Fido dressed up as Batman, a cowboy, or a pumpkin.  Others think it’s unnecessary and borders on being mean.  My favorite response to the poll?  Take the money you would spend on a dog costume and donate it to a local shelter.  🙂

As for me, as long as the dog isn’t being hurt or made to be extremely uncomfortable in the costume, I say go for it.  Some dogs even like the added attention.  Remember my dog, Sasha, who I talked about in the separation anxiety post?  I put a Hawaiian lie on her one day and she strutted around like she was the Queen of England!  Bloo’s a little more in the middle.  His first Halloween with us was last year, and he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  I bought a turtle costume at Target and added to it.  I stopped short of getting the accessories, and when he protested the red cuffs I put on his feet, I took them off.  But he didn’t mind the shell or the hat and he trotted around the house greeting our house guests.

I’m still deciding what he’s going to be this year, so stay tuned for photos!

What do you think?  Should we dress our pups in costumes at Halloween?