This summer has been a game changer for me. Many of you know that I opted not to return to the Houston Aeros for a third season of pro cheerleading and what an amazing decision that proved to be. I can’t say that I’m done dancing, but I’ve definitely found more productive and worth while things to do with my time. That’s not to say I didn’t love every moment as a pro cheerleader. But since I’ve started rescuing dogs, I feel a much greater sense of fulfillment and purpose in my life.

Lindsay and I dream of one day opening a no kill shelter/training facility/rescue group/doggy day car…you get the drift. We have a lot of ideas on how to help Houston with it’s overpopulation of dogs. Unfortunately, all that takes money and volunteers. We will get there one day. For now we focus our energies on helping where we can. In fact, a lot of the work we do is simply marketing dogs on Facebook and making sure their faces are seen, which is the single most effective way to get a dog adopted IMO.

Another way that I help is by fostering dogs (usually Border Collies). We are on our 5th foster since late April. Fostering is so fun! We basically have a rotating spot in our house for a dog. I actually had to clean up my account at the vet yesterday, because we had three dogs on it, that have since gone to their spectacular forever homes.

I want to tell you about Ginger (foster #5) because her story was a particularly satisfying victory for me. I follow San Antonio Pet’s Alive on Facebook and they post their dogs that are on the euthenization list every day. So everyday I see all these dogs that are essentially on death row. Depressing? Maybe. But fortunately they do a really great job of marketing these dogs of Facebook and have a really good success rate for getting them fostered, rescued, or adopted. Anyways, Ginger was on that list last wednesday along with another itty bitty 3 month only Border Collie. Needless to say, I sprung into action.

I quickly contacted my very patient boyfriend, Sean, and asked if we could save her. He agreed only if I could get her into a rescue group. I then contacted All Border Collie Rescue, who accepted BOTH dogs! Yay! They were both pulled from SAPA! that afternoon. A gracious ABCR volunteer held onto Ginger until we could get to her on the weekend.

Friday evening, we left for San Antonio straight after work. We arrived at about 7:30 pm, had dinner with some friends, and didn’t find our way to her house until 10:30pm. We drove back to Houston that night and she was an angel in the car the whole way. Finally, we made it home at 2:00 am and proceeded to introduce her to our pack. We are always cautious with this, because Maverick, our problem child, usually takes some time to warm up to new dogs and people. Well, her LOVED her immediately. What a perfect ending to a very long Friday.

Resting on the car ride home from San Antonio

Maverick and Ginger playing

Since then, Ginger has been an exceptional house guest. She’s 90% potty trained, very playful, a little bitey, but overall a perfectly normal, happy and loving puppy. I am so thrilled that we could help her. I can’t believe that someone would give her up so quickly because she was “too young” <– that’s what was her surrender reason on her papers. Some people!

She’s GREAT in the car!

My apologies for a long and somewhat rambling post. Don’t forget to check our Ginger on our Current Foster Projects page.

Happy Monday,