It’s monday morning and I’m home sick from work. I believe this is my third sinus infection for the year… I seem to be prone. Regardless, one of the things that I don’t mind about being sick is that I get to lay on the couch, watch TV, and cuddle with my puppies. How do they know I’m not feeling well? I read in one of my Cesar Milan’s books, that dog’s noses are so sensitive that they can detect cancer in people’s breath! Is that not crazy? With that being said, I guess it’s not so far fetched to think that they know I’m not myself and feel compelled to be by my side and protect me more so than normal. Even as I write this, Maverick is curled up on my lap impeding my ability to type on the laptop.

Anyways! Yesterday, as I was resting, I was looking through my pictures on my IPhone, as I often do, and couldn’t help but laugh at all the silly things by fur babies do.

I’m not sure where, when, or how Maverick learned this, but he seems to think that A.) He’s much smaller than he actually is and B.) He’s a cat.

Maverick’s favorite place to lay

Kinsey, our newest addition, is an attention WHORE (pardon my french). If she’s not gnawing on a bone, playing tug or wrestling with Maverick, she wants to be pet. And you better not stop petting her, because she will whine and paw and roll around until you commence more petting. Its impossibly cute, but incredibly bossy!

Less typing, more pets!


Pet me now, sew this later

Did I mention these two play tug? I should have learned by now, but I keep buying them plush toys, and they keep ripping them apart. Oh well, here’s some cute pictures of them tugging.

Tag team tug!

Too much fun!

An every night occurrence

What silly things do you’re pets do? leave us your comments. Send us your pictures. We’d love to feature your fur babies in our upcoming posts!