Today we examine the daily routine of a simple walk. Picture it in your head. Is your dog constantly dragging you or does he walk politely by your side with plenty of slack on the leash? If you find your dog pulling a lot, it may be because you don’t have the right type of collar or simply that you are not using it correctly.

I recommend a choke or prong collar. When used correctly these tools do not harm your dog in any way. Correct positioning of the collar during the walk is the key to controlling the dog without hurting him in the process. You want to position the collar as high up on the neck as possible. The higher the collar, the more control you have. This is especially important for training. Ever notice how handlers position the collar for showing dogs? It’s the same principle.

Correct Position of a Training Collar

See Collar Position

To maintain this collar position you will need to keep a very short lead. Try it out next time you take a walk. For me, the change was instantaneous, like magic!