Yeah yeah, we know.  We usually post our fun facts on Fridays, but this week you’re getting it on Sunday instead!

Did you know that your dog should always ask politely for things that he wants?  The human/dog dynamic works best when the human is well-established as the pack leader.  And this means your pup should be looking to you for permission to do things.  You can teach him to politely ask permission by having him obey a command prior to getting what he wants.  For example, our dogs know they have to sit before they get their dinner.  Sometimes I’ll ask Bloo to shake or spin instead just to keep his focus on me.  Having your dog sit before going out a door is a great idea, too.  Not only does this keep you, the pack leader, in control of when he goes in or out of the house, it also sets the expectation that we don’t just run through the door which can help limit escapes.  Anytime your dog gets a treat or a reward, lays on the couch (if you let him), or goes on a walk, he should ask politely for it.  If you’re not doing this already with your pup, start adding this to your routine, and your dog will start seeing you more as his leader instead of his servant.

Watch for our next fun fact this coming Friday, promise!