Our boy, Bloo, is a champion wrestler.  He’s also of the belief that everyone and everything around him is there solely for him to play with (we’re working on this, but that’s a whole different story).  At Polka Dot Dogs, where he goes for doggy daycare on occasion, they refer to him as one of their “bodyslammers.”  So needless to say, I’m a little nervous when we take him to a dog park.  Not everyone wants my hyper 45-pound dog bodyslamming their little angel.  I really believe he wouldn’t hurt another dog, but I fear the looks of judgement or worst of all the overly “helpful” stanger who feels the need to tell me how to train my dog.  So for the longest time, poor Bloo got most of his exercise by talking walks with dad or wrestling in the yard with his best friend Dax.  And of course, both of those are good things.  But there’s so much great doggy socialization that happens at a dog park that my dog was missing out on.  So I decided to put on my big girl pants and do what I needed to do for my boy.  With my nerves in tow, off we went.

And guess what?  He did great.  And he’s done great every time since.  Now, he’s certainly not perfect every time, far from it, but it’s amazing to see him get to just be a dog.  Sometimes he makes fast friends and instantly becomes part of a new pack either as a leader or as a follower.  Other times he likes to chase the girls.  And on occasion, he’ll find a dog that he just doesn’t get along with.  They’ll growl and set their boundaries with each other.  And sure, we’ve even had to pull Bloo and another dog apart.  But the point is that he’s able to learn how to interact with other dogs, something I can’t teach him.  So while I still have my moments of being nervous about how he’s going to act, I’ve come to terms with the fact that my bit of discomfort is well worth the socialization he’s getting.

We love to watch our pups learn and grow.  Have you ever had to go out of your comfort zone to help your dog?


Bloo making friends at the dog park.