First off, can we say TGIF?

As we get this blog up and running, we wanted to start sharing some fun facts once a week.  And what day is more fun than Friday?!

Did you know… putting your pup into a sport is now easier than ever!  Local clubs are popping up all over in everything from dock diving to flyball.  No longer does your dog need to be on the sidelines!  Does your dog love to swim?  Dock diving could be for him!  Check out one of our local clubs, Heart of Texas Dock Diving and learn more.  Does your pup love to tear around the house at top speed?  She may be a natural at flyball!  There are at least 9 flyball clubs in the Houston area.  Check them out here and learn how to get started.  Is he a champion jumper?  He could be a disc dog!  There’s also agility (if she likes to do a variety of tricks), lure coursing (if she has a good prey drive), or tracking (if she has a great nose).  Remember, most dogs love to have a job and getting them involved in a sport is a great way to give them one.  Have fun, and let us know what sport your dog loves the most!