As our first official post on Heads or Tails Dog Blog, we wanted to share with you some light-hearted antics that I’m sure most dog owners experience. Have you ever heard of the “zoomies?” We hadn’t either until we saw this article posted by Pup Squad Animal Rescue on Facebook last week. Zoomies are when your dogs have those crazy spurts of energy and randomly start running full speed through every room on the house. We’ve both experienced this from our dogs and thought you’d get a kick out of some pictures.

Bloo is like most dogs in that his first “zoomies” experiences were in response to baths.  But then his zoomies took on a whole new life of their own.  Just a quick background first.  When we first brought Bloo in off the streets, he was terrified by the stairs.  He didn’t know what they were and he certainly didn’t want to be on them.  Fast forward a year, and he has discovered that the stairs can be great fun.  He will start on the second floor where there’s hardwood and will run at top speed towards the stairs launching himself down them and onto the carpeted landing.  A quick spin around and he heads back up, slides across the hardwood floors and jumps onto the area rug on the other side of the room.  Another quick spin and he’s off again!  He will literally repeat this at least a dozen times.  Generally, Bloo’s zoomies are random and can happen at any time.  But we’ve also learned that if he needs a quick energy burn, we can encourage him and yell “run, run, run!” while he darts across the room.  He thinks it’s great fun, and mom and dad get a good laugh and a calmer dog out of it!  Long live the zoomies!!

We have yet to catch Bloo’s zoomies on video, but this shot was taken just before he jumped up and took off for another round around the house!

Maverick gets the zoomies pretty frequently, but we can always count on them when he’s freshly bathed. Maybe he hates getting a bath so much, that he just can’t contain his excitement when he’s done. Maybe he thinks it dries him off quicker. At this point, I’m sure its just habit, but I’d be interested to know what gets him so riled up. I never see him happier than when he’s running laps around our couch and egging on Kinsey to play chase (his favorite game). It’s as if he wants to prove to everyone that he’s the fastest dog in town.

Both Maverick and Kinsey get the Zoomies while playing a game of keep away with any toy they can get their mouths on. Typically this results in shredded plush toys and a stuffing explosion. I’ve had to resort to making braided tug toys out of old t-shirts, since replacing destroyed toys can get very expensive.

Whatever the reason, we view these energetic displays as playful and healthy. It’s one of the many things our dogs do that adds entertainment value to our lives. Does your dog get the zoomies?